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Eight Steps to Publishing Your Autobiography


Supporting Cast

Likely, there are people in your life that will appear in multiple chapters of your book. Take a few minutes to list these people and write a paragraph about each of them.

Like many things done during the writing process, the supporting cast paragraphs are not for your readers but information that you can refer to while writing your autobiography. This kind of preparation will help you write a better book.

For example, sometimes people are called by many names, which can be confusing to the reader. Make note in the paragraph about which name you will be using when referring to that particular person.

Write a physical description of each recurring person. If the person changed dramatically through out the years make note of those changes. Then when you are bringing up an exchange with Uncle Arnold note that he is sporting a mullet haircut. Physical details will help bring the characters to life for the reader.

Step 5: A 1,000 Words