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Eight Steps to Publishing Your Autobiography


Details, Details, Details

Begin elaborating on the outline you created. Give descriptive details of the events you identified in the sub-segments. Try not only to describe the action but your surroundings at that time. Consider these two sentences:

My brother told me to shut up and left.

My brother squinted his blue eyes in anger, pushed open our rickety screen door and yelled "Shut up!" as he stomped down the wooden porch steps.

Little details such as the color of your brother's eyes and that your house had an old screen door will help pull the reader into the book.

If there is an appropriate photo that goes with the segment then label the photo with the chapter number and a letter. Insert the same chapter number and letter into the text to mark where the photo should be inserted when photo copying or publishing. For example, the first photo in chapter one would be 1A, the second 1B and the third 1C. In chapter two the photos would be labeled 2A, 2B, 2C and so on.

Step 7: The End