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Eight Steps to Publishing Your Autobiography


A Neat Package

There are many ways to get your autobiography into print. If you believe you have written a book that could be marketed to the masses, then start looking for an agent. The best way to start is go to a library or bookstore and look for autobiographies similar to yours. Somewhere in the front pages of the book the author will thank or note the agent and publisher. If they are already successful at publishing similar books as yours, then that is a good start place to start pitching your book.

But most of us have written a family keepsake. If you were using a computer it will be easy. Most word processing programs offer the ability to insert digital photos with the text. If you are not able to get your photos in an electronic format than print your work with photos taped to the pages where you have marked them appropriate. Make photocopies of the pages and staple with a durable stock card cover.

A more costly but better quality avenue is paying a print on demand publisher. Simply Google the phrase "print on demand" and you will find several companies who offer this service. Most will purchase your ISBN number and help you get your book listed on Amazon.